Thursday, January 5, 2012

on a roll

i had the extreme privilege
of teaching my girls
how to roll down a hill

much laughter and giggles ensued

Cutie Cakes was primarily busy
trying to figure out what was inside acorns
under the leaves
and below the tree
(which made for extremely dirty fingernails)

While Cutie Face was constantly
and showing me her new skills
of strength and balance

they both also enjoyed challenging each other
on who could be
the fastest
down an ancient (my era?)
metal slide
(old school slides are where it's at)

Cutie Pie...well, she's cute

Unlike the majority of the days
where she is awake for hours and hours on end

today she actually slept

she did, however, get in some
bonding time
with the Cutie Family's favorite first friend

the Baby Einstein Octopus

he can't always be entertaining though...

1 comment:

Becca said...

I love these beautiful kiddos! I cant wait to hang out!! :-)