Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hunting for eggs

last week i ran past
a church
advertising a community-wide Easter egg hunt
when the girls weren't sleeping on Saturday
we decided we needed to 
head to the hunt!

there is something so thrilling yet simple
to them
when they're allowed to paint
something on their body!
(they both chose Easter eggs on their left cheeks)

then we decided it was high time for a snack
(carbo-loading for the race for eggs?)

turns out the snack was the perfect
energizing food for
jumpy castles

though Cutie Cakes decided she'd rather sit out the fun
and finish her popcorn
(who can blame her?!)

at least her sister jumped and slid enough for both of them!


right before the egg hunt, 
we snuck in some fun bubble blowing
while i tried not to think that dozens of kids
had their sweet little mouths all over the bubble pipes and wands
before my cuties got their mouths all over it...

After a prayer of blessing and thanks, 
the girls were divided into age groups
and off we went to our designated locations

it was SO interesting to watch how the girls took off
in their own way

Cutie Cakes grabbed a few eggs
and then discovered

that sidelined her for the rest of the hunt

while Cutie Face decided it was far better
to grab as many eggs as she could see

and then examine her loot with her sister

Cutie Face often blows me away with her generosity
and she voluntarily shared candy with Cutie Cakes
without any prompting!

i had so much fun hanging with these girls 
and can't wait to see them in action again next week!

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