Thursday, May 28, 2009

Life's a Splash!

We are so blessed to live within walking distance of great parks and public recreation areas. Our newest city project just opened in time for Memorial Day weekend--a brand spankin' new pool.

I was pretty convinced it was just going to be your basic, rectangular, boring pool--wow did they ever step up and make it incredible!

Now, upon calling the Big Suz (aka, my mom, whom i love, and whom i hope doesn't hate her moniker) to tell her of my newly-formed infatuation with the pool, she immediately warned me of the perils of public swimming pools--namely nasty little bugs and viruses that want to come home in any number of your kid's orifices. (how was that for the world's longest sentence).

C, unfortunately, has no fear of the water, not even a healthy fear--she dives right in and even tried to crawl in the pool yesterday. We'll work on that.

C also made friends with three 3rd graders who toted her around the pool {yes, we just met the girls, and yes, they really did carry her around the pool. BUT i was with them the whole time and they were very sweet}

Since it was just me and C at the pool yesterday, it was a bit tricky to take pics of her but i snapped a few with the iPhone (which, by the way, gives you great pictures imo!) Since i've now dropped my iPhone into coffee (yes, really) and then had it sucked to death by a teething C (yeah...), I know it can recover from small amounts of water damage but probably not pool-water damage...that being said, the pics aren't spectacular as i was very.gingerly.holding.the.iphone while standing in the water!


Julia said...

Hayden would be cringing if he read about the iPhone being near water, haha.

Becca said...

oh I DEFINITELY need to try going to that pool! :-) and it's close enough I could take Jayci AND some of my kiddos! :-) I'm totally impressed with the iphone's pictures by the way. and even though I know it's tacky and I should really just email you, I'm going to answer your question right here :-) my camera is a Canon Digital Rebel XT