Sunday, May 31, 2009

Minding your "p"s and "c"s

Thought I'd update you on what C has been up to these days!

The three "p"s
  1. Pottying
    C has become an expert at the potty. We are thrilled that #2 diapers are relatively a thing of the past! Now she'll even do #1s! Thrilling to many, i'm sure

  2. Pointing
  3. Sadly, I can't get any pictures of C pointing because she is usually pointing at the camera and then grabbing it...I'll work on it, though, because it is hilarious when she points! Right now she points at everything but, never fear, we'll teach her how to not be rude when the appropriate time comes!

  4. Proofing (baby proofing, that is) Since C is everywhere these days, we finally went to the store to buy baby-proofing supplies. Turns out that store was Ikea (way more fun to get baby proofing materials at Ikea than at Target!)

So now we have outlet covers and the ever-glamorous white hand edge protectors for our coffee table. I'm hoping the white hand is for white-glove treatment, and not anything to do with Michael Jackson. Why couldn't they have gone with the black-glove for OJ?

The three "c"s
  1. Climbing

  2. C climbs stairs now--which is saying something as we don't have stairs in our apartment! We took her to Mimi and Poppy's, let her loose, and she took to the stairwell like duck to water. Too afraid to take pictures with one hand while ensuring her safety with the other i, again, do not have pictures.
  3. Cruising

  4. As we mentioned in the "proofing" bit, C is cruising everywhere. Maybe we should post a "no cruising zone" sign for her...
  5. Clapping
Her clapping has gone up a notch--she claps at everything. Clapping has now turned into the question "where"?. She starts clapping, stops half way, shrugs her cute little shoulders, and points her palms upwards, questioning who, what, when, where, and why...

And, last but not least, C learned how to sort yesterday! Check it out!

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Natalie said...

so cute! she is potty-ing already?!?! wow. I need to know that trick when the time comes!!! That is awesome. Love the video of the sorting too, she is growing up so fast!