Monday, June 1, 2009

Update on Grandpa!

this just in from my Aunt:

Grandpa's first radiation treatment is tomorrow morning at 8:15am. He will take his chemo pill at 6am, then go back to bed until 7. His doctors recommend taking the pill 3 hours after a meal and one hour before to avoid any possibility of nausea. Grandpa is very positive-- he watched lots of people walking in and out of the office. And as he stated-"they haven't carried anyone out yet"

We praise the Lord for a wonderful beginning. Grandpa was pleased that he could handle laying on an MRI table with the radiation mask and not feel claustophobic.

So that's it from here. Grandpa is going swimming now. Meredith is cleaning the pool and Mom and I are juicing a bunch of carrots, kale, beets and apples... so yummy.

In case you are a new reader, my grandpa has stage-3 Astrocytoma but he is being treated for it and we are praising God for grandpa's progress and outlook!

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Julia said...

I'll be thinking about you all and saying prayers.