Monday, June 1, 2009

A day unplugged...

Many thanks to Kelly for telling me about the idea her friend, Jodie, had to go unplugged for one whole 24-hour day in May. I was up for the challenge because my desire to be plugged-in at all times borders on the ridiculous.

So, I chose Monday, May 18th to completely unplug from my computer and iPhone (conveniently, C had gummed the iPhone near-to-death so it was in the permanently off position, anyway, and couldn't tempt me). My computer, on the other hand, silently stared at me with its white glow, taunting me to just open it up and turn it back on...just for a moment!

Choosing this day was particularly hard for me--I love to participate in I ❤ Faces every week and, forgetting that i could enter on Tuesday, felt the urge to enter on Monday--which requires using the computer. Thankfully, I happened to head to the bathroom around 2:30 AM, saw that the Mr. Linky was up and running, entered my picture and promptly turned off the computer. I justified this moment of weakness by telling myself I wouldn't be on my computer for at least 24 hours after that! is what our day looked like in bullet-points, followed by pictures in slideshow form
  • The baby got up...VERY early
  • instead of reading my emails, while nursing (yes, i seriously do this), i read "My Outmost for His Highest" and my "365 Day Bible"
  • I made coffee, thinking I'd need it STAT
  • C and i played--she tired quickly, so i put both of us back to sleep. The coffee could wait!
  • C got up. I fed her breakfast while pouting: i could not call my mom or sister, my typical morning routine
  • C practiced crawling into her red pottery barn chair
  • We got ready to go for a run.
  • On our way out the door, we found a crazy fun package with C's name on it--treats and clothes from Grandma! C was estatic.
  • Carried on with our run together--speed workout on the Active Oval at Piedmont Park. i worked hard, C snoozed: BRUTAL
  • Stopped at the park for a quick reprieve from the stroller and the jogger.
  • Forgot to take pictures after we got home. Oops
  • Came home--shower + lunchtime + playtime
  • C went to sleep, i went to town on the many piles of laundry i'd accumulated from the past two days
  • C got up (laundry almost done!) and we took to the hallway again, this time trying to capture some feet for a future I ❤ Faces theme. Pretty unsuccesful
  • I read and cleaned and all-in-all bemoaned the fact that i couldn't get on my phone or computer. it was HARD people!
  • C had an incredibly runny, very green nose all day so we sent J to Bible Study without us. I cheated and watched the opening of the Bachelorette.
  • For the first time in forever, i went to bed at 11:00 PM.
  • What a day!
Enjoy the photos!


Upstatemomof3 said...

All in all it seems like a very fun day!!! But seriously, where do you find all of those cool hairbows?

Kelly said...

So glad you remembered to take pictures! Next month ( is June already, huh?) I will attach the camera to my arm so I don't forget! And don't worry, doing this weekly never even crossed my mind! This is strictly a once a month endeavor!

MommaD said...

i am crazy with the phone/tv/dvr/cell/computer. i find you brave indeed! i have an award on my blog for you

Melissa said...

What a day! You were busy!