Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hooray for Fathers!

From the moment J became a father, he was a different man. Yes, he was the same incredibly kind and compassionate husband but, man oh man, was there a new lady in the house that I had to contend with! He was a smitten man.

I love watching him love our daughter. He is kind, patient, fun, creative, and loving. He takes joy in reading her stories and playing on the ground with her. Due to crazy work schedules, he is gone Monday-Thursday but he makes up for his absence when he is home!

Baby C reserves her biggest smiles for him and definitely knows so say Da-Da when she spots him. We both love you, J, and thank you for being an incredible father and husband!

Now, of course, this post is not complete without mentioning the other fathers in my life.

  • My dad--an amazing man of faith who constantly points me back to my Heavenly Father. He is the reason i am generous and gregarious--two attributes that he daily models and that endear him to all who know him!

  • J's dad--an incredibly creative and tender-hearted man who loves his family in many quiet but mighty ways. C is blessed to have him as her grandfather as well, he surely dotes on her!

  • My Heavenly Father, without whom I would be a hopeless sinner but who redeems me daily and calls me His child. We pray that C can learn to lean on Him and call Him her Father, too.

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Mrs. Fish: aka Two Fish said...

What a fabulous post and tribute to all the dads in your lives! Hope your DH has a fantastic fathers Day!