Monday, June 29, 2009

Reunion...Round 2

The gang...

K, K, K, A, A

sadly missing an extra "A" and "K" to complete the


reunion 2
also, cutie face, aka (ha! gotta keep using those two letters!) was already asleep when it was photo time

Kristin, Krista, me&J, Karin, the twin
reunion 5

poring over our old yearbooks

reunion 3

we can't believe it!

reunion 7

too funny!

reunion 8
(me, the twin, Kristin, Karin)
Love you girls!!!


Sjn said...

Glad you all had fun getting together. Look at how beautiful you all are!

Julia said...

Ashley is so lookin' like your Mom in these pics!

Anonymous said...

Looks like so much fun. It's great together with 'old' friends.

Jen said...

I was just flipping through your blog for the first time and started cracking up at this pic with husband on it!!