Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July: Recap and Repost

Its been a week since I blogged on Cutie Face! Sorry everyone! I have some fun pictures to share with you this week, though, so I'll try to post at least every other day!

That being said, I wanted to repost my Patriotic Edition from Monkey's on the Bed...

You may remember from my past posts months ago that I LOVE to run! So much so that I love running with 55,000 of my closest friends (as my Dad puts it!) every Fourth of July. YES! 55,000 people vie for a spot every year to compete in the world's largest 10k...the Peachtree Road Race. Since I was running, most of these pictures are from my cousin, a budding photographer, or her mom, my aunt. I would LOVE to include race pictures from the newspaper but that would obviously be a copyright infringement. Feel free to check some out here!

Since 55,000 people is a lot of people to run, the wonderful people behind the race, namely the Atlanta Track Club (the ATC), must organize it down to the second. They place people on ability and race experience in one of 9 time groups. I run competitively for the ATC and, with a prior race time, was able to score a very low bib number--putting me right behind the Elite runners! The twin was right behind me, followed by J, in time group 4, and my cousin and her friend in time group 6.

All in all, it was a great race! I managed to run fast enough to win a hat and a finisher's mug--woo hoo! bonus!

Here is what the finish line area looks like when about 50% of people have finished:

Here is my official Finishers Certificate:

My parents watched Baby C for us and met us at the finish line--definitely motivation to cross that line quickly so we could be reunited with her! (Doesn't J look thrilled?)

Me, Baby C, my dad, and the cousin, Sweet Little R

For the first time racing, J and I lived close enough to the finish line to walk home--now that is a bonus! We hosted a brunch for our family immediately following the race. My Aunt and Uncle brought fabulous bagels from Panera--thank you!

The twin and her husband kept the mosquitos at bay for the rest of us--why is it that mosquitos tend to fixate on certain people and ignore the rest? Sorry A&B!

J and I with Baby C, enjoying lots of carboyhydrates post run.
I'm sporting my new favorite hat and C is sporting her new fave bow:

J loving on Baby C.
Isn't her bow incredible? The twin made it! Check it out in her Etsy Store!

After the fam went home, we relaxed (read: SLEPT!) and then geared up for another BBQ, this time at my parents' house. Dad set up the sprinklers and C's cousin, R, took right to it...

Lil' Miss R is lucky because she now has cousins from her daddy's side that live in Atlanta! They came over to join the is Mr. L showing R how to enjoy the sprinkler to the max:

Baby C, unfortunately, slept through all the fun but we know she'd have crawled through the sprinklers had she been awake! Instead, she woke up and was fed...and looked confused about the whole thing:

a little sampling of our carnivorous feast

and the famous flag cake (my mom went with raspberries this year--so much easier than strawberries!)

All in all, the 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays because we get to race, relax, and relish our family. And, of course, we get to eat lots of wonderful picnic food, especially the prized Flag Cake!

SPECIAL NOTE: Last year, we celebrated the wedding of my cousin to his beautiful bride on 07-04-08. July 4th is special to him for one more reason: he is an Army Ranger. Thank you, to my cousin, who proudly and BRAVELY fights for the honor and glory of our country!


Julia said...

I am speechless. I am without speech. You, my friend, are amazing!

Josh, Steph, The Boys and Maddie said...

MMMM That cake looks scrumptious! Your daughter is soooo adorable! Just love all her pics.