Friday, July 31, 2009

These Shoes are Made for Walkin'!

The kid* is about to walk away from me at any moment.

She has taken three and four and five steps at a time but feels much more confident plopping her cute plushy cloth diaper bottom on the ground than continuing on with her bipedal forward motion.

She has also gone barefoot 99.9% of her life (much to my mother's chagrin when i plop her down in a public place). I always think of the sign "No shirt, No shoes, No service". Often Baby C can be found wearing only her aforementioned cute plushy cloth diaper--hey, its hot in Hotlanta!


Once she becomes fully mobile on two feet, I know my mom I am going to want her in shoes outside of the house. So I did a little research and figured out that leather soled shoes are best as they let the baby's toddler's (i have to remember that she technically is a toddler!). We own a few of those leather-soled shoes but nothing else substantial enough to last more than a few months (what with scuffs and stuff!).

So I read more reviews and decided to go with those (^) UMI shoes. They consistently receive 5 stars and people use them for early walkers and say that they'll hold up. We'll see. i'll let you know. In the meantime, if you have shoe thoughts for new walkers, let me know!

in the meantime, Baby Toddler C had fun playing "girly girl" and loved on her new shoes. I don't know where she gets that from--certainly not me (and I'm not being sarcastic! the only shoes i get excited about are running shoes!)

*The kid really isn't a "baby" any more! But I don't know what to call her! Little Monkey? Cutie Face? Suggestions needed! Please! Comment away!

PS Sadly, no video...yet...i kind of sort of lost my camera...again...hence the iPhone pictures :(


Julia said...

Awwww, so sweet :( I love those shoes! I have some Robeez with a guitar on them waiting for Asher. :)

The Deavours Family said...

Until she gets proficient I think Robeez and the ones in the pic are awesome! I'm a little old school and it's one of "my things" to have GOOD shoes for kids. I'm old fashioned in the "stride rite" sense. They're not THE CUTEST by any means, but I really believe they are the best for support and such. It's all Annily has really worn. [You truly do get what you pay for]