Thursday, July 9, 2009

Zoo, part 2!

Two things you should know:

1) J and I are Bank of America card holders
2) I rarely ever check my Spam folder

On Sunday, I decided to check my Spam folder just for kicks. Two pages into it I found a slightly sketchy looking Bank of America email. Much to my surprise, upon opening it, I found that Bank of America was continuing with their "Museums on Us" program. The "Museums on Us" program allows you free access to quite a few museums in larger cities throughout the USA. Last winter, we went to Fernbank and the Atlanta Botanical Garden for free. Good times!

I thought that they'd only be offering those two aforementioned museums again but my curiousity got the best of me and I clicked to see what was up for grabs. WHOA! They had free passes to Zoo Atlanta, The High, and the Atlanta History Center! Wait! Zoo Atlanta!? nice!

Look no further then a reason to finally visit the zoo with Baby C! Realizing that it was already Sunday (last day of the weekend) and nearly 3:00 PM, we got ourselves ready and ran out the door, hoping to get in 1.5 hours of Zoo-Time.

Let me tell you, it could not have been better--it was only 78 degrees, had just finished raining, and was the end of a long holiday weekend. So, there were NO crowds, hardly any other visitors, AND an incredibly cool day for the summer in Hotlanta.

All in all it was a great experience. C loved visiting the Budgies and J and I were enthralled by the Gorilla Center they have--it is HUGE.

We snapped lots of pictures but then, sadly, my battery died about half an hour before we left. Oh well!

Here are the highlights:

Click here to view these pictures larger

{We're leaving for Kansas today but should come back with lots of stories and really fun pictures! Stay tuned for next Tuesday!}


Julia said...

That is VERY cool! I'm a BOA member, so I'm all over this!!!

Becca said...

Wow! I didnt know BOA did that - so cool!! :-) looks fun!