Thursday, October 1, 2009


Cutie Face discovered a new love of slides last week. I decided to see if she would be willing to let go and slide on her own (with me at the end, of course!)...she is a little daredevil, free falling onto pillows and jumping off pool I figured I might as well see what she thought of sliding!

To start her off, we went down the tandem slides--me on one slide and her on the other. I sat her on the top and made sure she knew to SIT and not move until Mommy said "GO!" She knows how to say "sitting" and I made her say it over and over again so that she would know to stay put.

When we were ready,

I took her hand,

said 1...2...3...


and off we slid.

She thought it was GREAT.

Next I placed her at the top of the slide on her own and said "Sitting" and she repeated it.

When I positioned myself at the bottom I counted

"1...2...3...GO!" and she just...

closed her eyes...

let go...

and weeee! slid to the bottom!

She quickly learned how to say "Three. GO!" and now says that at the top of every slide. Pretty cute.

We've tried out lots of slides since then and she continues to get a huge kick out of them...


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