Saturday, October 3, 2009

Passing the Taste Test

October resolution--to update this blog every-other day...
I will be back-dating some posts and be playing catch up
I want to start documenting things that happen TODAY, too!

Cutie Face's cousin experienced a Fall Festival and Pumpkin Patch last weekend. While there, Cousin R started a new tradition--kissing the pumpkin.

Cutie Face may be cute but she is a toughie at heart--and is into EATING a bit more than kissing. So she started her own tradition--eating the is a three step process that occurs each time: Taste, Think, Tongue

1. Taste

2. Think

3. Tongue (a mark of approval)

1. Taste

2. Think

3. Tongue

and a few more taste test pics just because they're cute:

We love our funny Cutie Face!

PS These pictures can be viewed larger--just click!

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