Saturday, October 3, 2009

We ❤ Museums on Us!

As Bank of America customers, we get the privilege of visiting a number of museums and local attractions for FREE every first weekend of the month! Woohoo!!!

This weekend we went back to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.

A lot has changed since we last visited, and I'm not just talking about Cutie Face! The Gardens expanded and are gorgeous and even more beautiful than last year.

One thing has not changed, though--they are still holding their annual Scarecrows in the Garden exhibit this Fall!

This year we actually remembered to bring our camera! (too bad it did die on us half way through but you'll get the gist after the thousands of pics you'll see in this post!).

A baby scarecrow:

This was J's favorite: Julia Child's Scarecrow!

My favorite was Curious George (remember? My other blog is Monkey's on the Bed! How could i not like anything monkey?)

We also had the privilege of viewing many of Henry Moore's incredible sculptures. They are even more beautiful in person AND embedded in nature!

Their Children's Garden is pretty fun, too, with cooling fountains and water areas (perfect in HOTlanta!)

Cutie Face loved playing in their caterpillar walk--basically a winding path that leads you through the life of a caterpillar:

and, at the very end, you get to leave as a butterfly!

If you are ever in Atlanta, I think that the Botanical Garden is one of our best attractions! We loved it today!


Melissa G. said...

That looks like a fun place to visit.

loveisspokenhere said...

we have been wanting to go for the past 5 years and have never made the decision to just do it!! looks like fun...and your pics are precious :)

Lesley said...

how awesome...LOVE the scarecrows...they are fabulous!

Natalie said...

I HEART fall photos, esspecially ones with pumpkins in them {and cutie faces}! Glad to see you posting here again :)

Kelly said...

Her dress is SO cute!