Sunday, October 4, 2009

Good Clean Fun...

...with Bubbles!

Oh why wasn't the I ❤ Faces Bubble theme after this weekend? We would have so rocked it! Well, we would have at least had way more photos to choose from!

The Bubble Man (yup, that is his name! check out his site) at the Historic Oakland Cemetery was incredibly impressive. I mean check out this feat...he blew four bubbles INSIDE a large bubble (sorry for the blurriness but I had to include this picture it is just that impressive!)

Kids kept asking the bubble man if he really got paid to do this...what a great job, huh? You get clean, you have fun, and you make kids AND adults happy (see J's expressions for proof of adult happiness)

Of course, I couldn't resist doing an animated gif of the bubble fun:

trying it out on their own

I just loved all of these photos! Sooo funny to see the excited expression on J's face! He LOVES playing with Cutie Face!

I mean, seriously, how funny are these expressions?



To see some live video of the fun, check this out (but please ignore my annoying mommy voice!):

Thanks, Bubble Man for putting on a great show! We just might be hiring you for Cutie Face's 2nd Birthday!

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Kelly said...

That looks like so much fun! And, I am so impressed with your blogging bonanza. I made myself get that tutorial posted because I was worried people might be thinking I had shut down the blog, it had been so long since my last post. You are inspiring me to get back to blogging more often, so thanks!