Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween...ah ha ha ha

When we were freshman in college, we were crazy. My twin and I lived next door to each other and had (shoutout to Em and Megs!).

We often went shopping at our local Big Lots. When went shopping there in October of '99, we found these hilarious "Happy Halloween" mats that cackled "Happy Halloween, ah ha ha ha" when you stepped on them (hence the title of the blog post).

I'm pretty sure it looked something like this:
I had kind of forgotten about those doormats until Halloween night when we took the cousins trick-or-treating...

Yeah...that video kind of says it all. And, yes, I am the mean auntie laughing at her sad niece's reaction. Sorry sweet Lil'Miss.

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The Minors said...

Ahhhhhh!! hahahaaa i almost forgot about that!!