Friday, October 30, 2009

We ❤ Fridays

Why, you ask?

Because...Fridays {through November 6} mean


Cutie Face loves bagels. L-O-V-E-S loves them.

She also loves reading the newspaper.

I think she was SHOCKED by the incredible deals she was finding...

what do you think?

Fridays at Einstein Bros Bagels also mean that we get to stop at Sidney Marcus Park on the way home. Cutie Face and i were too busy having fun that i didn't get any pictures but i did manage to snap one as we walked in--even in the pre-rain dreariness of the day, the Fall foliage was spectacular!

I am also very thankful for the few homes along the street undergoing construction--this pregnant mama certainly takes full advantage of an available toilet as the need arises. i'm happy to report that this "Pit Stop", in particular, was immaculately clean--i may have been the 1st user!

Not too sure what is up with the spring mattress, though...

Those are just a few reasons why we about you?


Kelly said...

mmm, bagels sound delicious! i haven't seen an Einstein Brothers here, though. bummer!

Natalie said...

Foliage. Don't ya just love that word? I do :) I think it is funny that you used that outhouse. I have to ask what you did with cutie face when you were in there though. Do tell :) And seriously, I cannot believe how interested in that flyer cutie face is. Too stinkin' cute. Hope you have a safe and happy halloween!

Jeff and Molly said...

That’s the most precious thing I’ve ever seen! Who knew she could read ; ) How stinking cute!