Thursday, October 29, 2009

Full Fall day

Well, naps may have been required yesterday but they weren't on the agenda today. Cutie Face sat in her crib for 2 hours without taking a nap. Before you think i'm super cruel, I honestly thought she fell asleep twice but both times I went to see if that was the case, she was only "quiet playing" or resting.

Regardless, I decided that a nap would be in her future so we went for a long walk to Ikea. Sure enough, she fell asleep on our walk--YAY!

Some kind Ikea patron decided to ogle her and her cuteness which, of course, woke her up, but that was okay--we were there to play!

Cutie Face spied an older toddler playing in the rainbow tunnel. As soon as he vacated it, she decided it was her turn to try out life in a rainbow room.

Let's just say she was completely taken with it. I literally had to drag her away from it. I'm thinking we need one of those...couldn't you make one out of a Wardrobe Cardboard Box? I think yes!

Cutie Face quickly found the tunnel of blue and got a kick out of crawling through it forward {and backward}:

She also found a "kitty ball" that came through the tunnel with her on multiple occasions.

Hey Cutie Face!

We finally made it to the Family Restroom to wash our hands so that we could eat lunch. Cutie Face was a champ and ate everything i gave her.

She plum tuckered herself out (and, seeing as her stroller nap was only 25 minutes surprise)...

So I let her take a nap at Ikea.


I put Cutie Face back in the stroller for one final spin through Ikea. On our way out we found some awesome red down boots. Cutie Face LOVED moving her feet in them. It was hilarious.

I was actually hoping that she wouldn't fall asleep on the way home so that she could nap in her crib. Since that was my plan, i knew we would have to create some diversions. So, we stopped at the newly painted and renovated Noguchi Playscape at Piedmont Park.

It is Japanese and kind of cool. I never thought I'd like this architecture but, now that i've gotten a bit more into photography, I think the angles and the design make for awesome photographic settings!

I made Cutie Face sing the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" so that she would look at me and smile :0

But sometimes it is nice to just have a non-posed pic in the mix, too:

It was certainly a spectacularly beautiful fun and full Fall day!


Natalie said...

You weren't kidding about the updates! Holy Hannah! LOL Anyways, I am glad you are finding fun on those yucky rainy days. We are having a ton of them here too and being stuck inside can be maddening. I LOVE the non posed shot of cutie face! The light is stunning in that picture. She is a true beauty!. Glad to hear also that you are getting the occasional nap in yourself. It is well deserved. Hope you are all well!

*Kc* said...

Your blog is adorable and so is your Cutie Face! Just found you through another blog.

Design A-Peele said...

great blog girl! Love it :)

Kelly said...

oooo, sun flare : ) I spy a i heart faces entry!

KimberlyDMiller said...

I hear Ikea has the best indoor play places. I hope wherever we end up has one close! That last non-posed photo of cutie face is AMAZING! Love it!