Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Photo Shoot

Many of you know that my talented father-in-law is a wonderful portrait, wedding, and (his favorite) architectural photographer.

He has taken many wonderful pictures of our family and I've had the privilege of watching him work. I've tried to incorporate a few of his tips (rule of thirds, natural lighting, different angles, etc.) and I think my photography is coming along slowly but surely.

Recently, I decided to do a little photo shoot in our apartment with Cutie Face. I mean, she is named "Cutie Face" after all so why not do a photo shoot? I was thinking that if I got any good shots, I could submit them to the GAP Casting Call...which, of course, every parent enters and votes for their own kid so, really, it is kind of just like putting Cutie Face's mug on a website never to be seen again :0

But I always....

Here is what our photo shoot set up looked like: 2 navy blue + 1 gray polar fleece blankets draped over the crib + loads of lighting (don't worry, i kept the kiddo away from the naked bulb)...

She practiced the "Sprinkler" dance (remember that one?)

But wasn't into the shoot:

She really was more interested in grabbing the camera:

Which is why it would have been better to do this when J is around.

My error was the timing. I did this after the bath and 20 minutes before bed...when she really isn't in the mood to pose. BUT whatever :0

I finally gave up, put her to bed, and entered a photo from our recent trip to the Botanical Gardens

and, if you fancy a click and a vote (no registration required! woohoo!)

at the very least, you'll be learning Cutie Face's real name :-0

see below for details:

Well, folks, I'm submitting Cutie Face's photo to the GAP Casting Call. Why not :-O I think she's cute! The trick is that you have to think so, if you agree, i hope you'll vote for her! Thanks friends!

Contestant # 178254018
This email was sent to you by your friend to refer you to the Gap Casting Call.
You have not been added to Gap's marketing list.


Natalie said...

I tried to vote. You did have to register and then it only allowed you to enter US States no Canadian voters or entries I guess. Bummer. Let me know if you figure it out and I will try again.

The Newly Mrs. said...

so beautiful! it's amazing to me how much "cutie face" is starting to look like you while her cousin is looking so much like your sis. such pretty girls! hope to see them again in person soon (and their moms, of course!). xoxo

brooke said...

How pretty!! That is so the flower on her head!! I just noticed the other day that Gap was doing a casting call and thinking I need to find a photo of at least one of my kids. :) I'm sure I'll never get around to it because I'm such a procrastinator. Best of luck to you!

Jenilee said...

she is beautiful! I think some of the best photos can be captured spur of the moment... sometimes the best planning can go wrong! that is life with kiddos. :)