Saturday, October 24, 2009

Playgroup Halloween Party

What a difference a year makes!

This was our playgroup of mommies and babies last Halloween.

No one was walking and very few were crawling...

You can see Cutie Face all the way on the left...she couldn't even sit up yet, at just 10 weeks she was a flopper!

Now many of us mommies are expecting our second (or third!) kiddo:

We tried to get a group shot again this year...

we found it to be MUCH harder than last year...

Pre-photo-op, one of the kiddos had a meltdown and all the other kiddos stopped to stare! Cutie Face included!

prepping for the photo shoot took a lot of team effort

first the dads (and some brave moms) all wrangled their kids to the giant spider:

then we ran away and snapped pictures like crazy...

Cutie Face had missed her afternoon nap so she was very content to just sit there (can you see her? She is the pink kitty)...

other kiddos, not so much into the sitting:

we did manage to get a few decent shots, though
Cutie Face and her Elephant friend "E"

Definitely my favorite and my almost-i ❤ faces entry for this week's challenge:

after the photo-op, we ate and mingled and took pictures of other people's kids :0

Miss M the cow (she wielded a fork like no other 17-month old I know!)

Miss K, the adorably cute fairy princess (who likes cars, too!)

Mr I, the adorable fireman!

Miss E the sweet bumblebee (mommy had the antennas):

The {covered} sandbox was a HUGE hit.

it really was the activity center!

E and K loved on each other:

Beautiful Miss O, aka Snow White:

Our Cutie Face looked was very intrigued by all the other costumes

and liked to just follow kiddos around. I don't think she recognized her friends!

A very random parting shot of me and Cutie Face but I barely have any of us together so I wanted to include it :)

Can't wait for Playgroup Halloween 2010!

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Kim said...

Allie has the same kittie costume!! Wish we were closer & could get a pic of our twin kitties!