Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pre-Halloween Haunts at BlaBla!

blabla, a children's boutique that sells items that are designed in Atlanta but handmade in Peru, is a block away from us. They have the most adorable knit items--from hats and sweaters to dolls and booties.

Cutie Face was much to active to stay still long enough for a cute shot of her in their knit hats and sweaters...oh well.

The blabla company loves giving back to the community and we were all to happy to oblige at this year's Halloween party (picture taken from the blabla blog):

They had the cutest window decorations:

Despite all the incredible festivities going on outside,

Cutie Face (dressed as a Georgia Tech Cheerleader--her 2nd of 3 costumes that day!) was only too happy to go in and have a peek at the toys:

We finally made it outside and checked out the pumpkin (or, as Cutie Face likes to call them, "pun-tin") decorating going on:

loved the expression on Sir Knight:
I used this sweet Tinkerbell as my muse for this week's I ❤ Faces entry!

but i really wanted to feature this adorable French kitty:

decorated and drying pumpkins, waiting to be taken home:

blabla made plenty of food and supplied plenty of beverages (kiddie and adult alike!) to keep us all plenty full and happy:

(also loved that shot above)

The music school company next door (Eclectic Music) held a live concert featuring some of their students and teachers--it was great!

i think the highlight for Cutie Face, though, was the PlayDough table. This was her first interaction with PlayDough and J and i were pleasantly surprised that she didn't immediately try to eat it!

She wasn't too sure about it at first,

but she got the hang of it quickly and had a grand ol' time playing with it for about 30 minutes!

stay tuned for the rest of Saturday's activities!


Natalie said...

Two posts in one day! Seriously? I am in cutie face heaven! Ha! That store looks devine. We have nothing like it here in my town.

You guys are lucky to have such a large and close play group. That is something I never really got into with my kids and wish I had. I often find myself getting a bit stir crazy and what better way to rid that feeling than spending time with other Mom's who often feel the same way!

Amy @ Living Locurto said...

Oh my word! That invitation is super cute!! I also loved the window decorations with the bags on the dolls heads. What a fun idea for decorations. I'll have to remember that one. Looks like the perfect day:-)

Karen said...

Oh how funny--we were there, too! We love the Blabla store. Was this the blog posted on FB? I saw my DH in one of your photos. Did you go to the sample sale this weekend? I was there Friday night. :o)