Thursday, November 5, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like...


Oh no!

Oh yes!

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE the Christmas season and the joy that celebrating Jesus' birth brings to nations.


I also treasure the Thanksgiving season and don't like to rush through it just to get to, what has become, an all-too commercialized, frantic "holiday" (ie no longer "Christmas") season.

Anyway, despite what I might like, there is no denying that stores everywhere are displaying their Christmas decorations and wares (not to mention Christmas music!). My mom works at an interior design store and today they had their Christmas Open House--{note: it does make sense that they need to get people in the door to buy Christmas decorations before the Holiday season officially starts...but still...}

I met up with Cutie Face's cousin, Lil' Miss, and my twin at the store.

They had their Fraser Fir line out and man-oh-man-ooohhh-man did it smell incredible. Seriously, the best Christmas scent EVER hands down no question. I took this picture for J since he is even more fanatical about the scent!

They also had yummy food which is never oblivious and always tempting to a pregnant woman:

My twin, the crafty genius of us two, volunteered to personalize ornaments for those who purchased them. I loved the ornaments they have this year:

Actually didn't like THESE as they are Bulldog ornaments (GO TECH!)

Great verse!
The Mom-to-Be ornament unfortunately gave me a taste of what I get to look like in a month and a half:

More verses--so nice to see scripture in Christmas--as i said, i think it is WAY too commercialized so these ornaments remind you why you are celebrating!

and one of my very favorites for its creativity & relativeness to my life:

Hopefully I can avoid more Christmas open houses until after Thanksgiving!


Melissa G. said...

Oh i love the Christmas ornaments! Does your sis sell them in her shop? I'd love the mom to be one for my friend this year.

The Newly Mrs. said...

love the christmas balls. who makes them? are they sold online, too?

prashant said...

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