Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pink Pig!

This afternoon held a long anticipated event--the grand opening of the Macy's Pink Pig! The twin and I made plans to attend the Grand Opening Preview party more than a month ago (which is really planning when it comes to my calendar!).

Sadly, Cutie Face decided that this would be the day where she did not need to take a nap. She finally fell asleep on our way back downtown. First, though, I had to make a pitstop at Babies 'R' Us...not knowing what to do with my sleeping bambina, I decided to lay down our shopping cart cover and place her into so:

We shopped for 25 minutes with her in the cart like that the whole time. And, she even transferred BACK to the car without waking up--I was impressed!

The Twin and I eventually made it to the Pink Pig where we could hear the festivities from the parking lot.

Time out you say! What is the Macy's Pink Pig?

Well, if you aren't from Atlanta, you may be wondering what could be so exciting about a pink pig at Macy's.

The twin and i, despite spending 11 out of our 28 years in Atlanta, had never experienced the Pink Pig in person. Sure, we had heard about it, but we really had no clue what it was or what it entailed. We decided today would be the perfect time to find out just what the Macy's Pink Pig was since 1) we now had our own kiddos and 2) we had free passes!

Despite not needing to get...
The line for the ride was way past the ticket booth.

and it stretched for ever forward:

Here is sweet Lil' Miss sitting patiently. She was so cute in her PIG-tails (get it?)

We eventually made it outside where we could glimpse some of the balloons:

Cutie Face decided she was still tired...or she was just sick of waiting in line:

The twin and I took turns walking (dragging?!?!) around to keep them occupied

I wish that this event happened a little earlier--there were SO many great "kodak moment" balloon shots available that would have tied in perfectly with this week's I ❤ Faces theme!

As we inched our way forward, we saw what the end of the line held for us:

We also saw Priscilla the {GIANT} pink pig:

45-minutes in line and we've almost made it to the sign...getting closer

Then we made it to the outside of the tent...getting closer, getting closer...

Woohoo! After a 60+ minute wait, we made it inside the CRAZY pink was next to impossible to get a decent picture due to the crazy colors and lighting:

I can't help but wonder...was the line this long when the Pink Pig looked like this:

The line behind us...still stretching:

almost there chickadees! (they can barely contain their excitement)

WOW! We actually made it on the ride!

The twin and Lil' Miss

the rare photo of me with Cutie Face (thanks sis for this capture!)

After all that hype, I'm glad to say that we rode the pink pig. We got our sticker (which is the coveted souvenir for riders each year) and we have pictures...

I also have a video of the 90-second ride. You tell me if you think it was worth the 60+ minute wait:


Kelly said...

did the girls enjoy the ride? if so, then maybe it was worth the wait? plus, now you can say you've ridden the pink pig...and now you don't have to next year ;)

Becca said...

I've heard so much about the Pink Pig but never been . . . but I am the most impatient person ever so I should NOT go apparently? . . .

Lauren said...

I grew up riding the Pink Pig! My parents would even check us out of school to go ride it on a weekday so we wouldn't have to wait as long. :) What sweet memories! I have yet to take my babies, but I'll have to make it there sometime soon. Glad you guys had fun!

Karen said...

We love The Pink Pig. I can't believe you all had to wait so long--I guess because it was the pre-opening celebration. We went yesterday for official opening day and didn't have to wait at all for our first ride, and just a few minutes for the second. We have been on opening day for the last three years and never have had a wait like yours. It usually doesn't get that busy until after Thanksgiving. (We aren't too far away and go several times while it is open.) Great photos!

Natalie said...

Looks like you had fun. I guess the real question is did YOU think it was worth the 60 min wait?
We are feeling much better here today. Thanks for thinking of us. I have been working a lot lately and we had some nice family time today. I may even blog about it later!