Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Funday

Today started out the same as the past two Fridays--with a trip to Einstein Bros. Bagels for a FREE BAGEL! Love it!

This morning it was really cold so I dressed Cutie Face in the most adorable pink sweater knit by...are you ready for this...MY Great-Grandma! So Cutie Face's Great-Great-Grandma made this sweater! I love that!

Anyway, it was the last week for Free Bagels so we couldn't miss out--i think Cutie Face thought there'd be a bagel shortage or something as she consumed 1.5 bagels (bread head!).

The light was great in the bagel store so i took quite a few pics with my phone of Cutie Face + the sunburst behind her...SunFlare is a theme this month at iheartfaces so i was practicing:

After bagels, Cutie Face was too revved up to take a nap so we ran a few errands--

namely to the library, Whole Foods, and Petsmart

before making a picnic pit stop at Trader Joe's:

J came home early and we made Cutie Face walk to one of our favorite local kid stores--BlaBla kids (same store that hosted the really fun pre-Halloween party). They were having a ridiculous sample sale and we stocked up on lots of long-sleeve t-shirts, a few handknit sweaters and a simply precious hat!

Thankfully Cutie Face was plumb tuckered out by her 1.5-block walk there and back so she crashed fairly quickly and now it is early to bed for us as we have a race in the morning!

It was just another full Friday funday!


Catherine Anne said...

Very cute blog!!! Love it here!

Kelly said...

1. that store sounds fabulous.
2. beautiful sweater!
3. i am blaming you if i can't get the song "manic monday" out of my head.... : )