Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday calls for a Sprinkle...of love!

As you may know, my twin and I are expecting our second daughters 2 months + 1 week apart. She is due in 4 weeks! Crazy!

Lil' Miss was treated to quite a few showers before her arrival. One of the twin's friends and I didn't want Sweet Pea to feel unloved so we threw her a "sprinkle" instead of a "shower". It was a casual, low-key affair with a "sprinkle" of people but it was really fun!

We had cupcakes and punch...but we didn't eat the cake as J and I had a slight mishap with it in the car on the way up to the 'burbs...which is also why you won't see a close-up picture of it!

We also had delicious savory food!

To jump start the party, we had all the attendees paint a onesie for Sweet Pea. I used my freezer paper stencil tutorial and it was a lot of fun! Most of the onesies sported a number stencil--there were numbers 1-9--perfect, I thought, for taking the month-birthday least for months 1-9!

There were also flowers, birds, butterflies, and fleur de lis designs:

Painting onesies served as a great way to relax and have fun chatting

Everyone was so creative!

Two of the twin's former students came to her shower, too--so sweet!

After onesie-painting, we retired to the "present room". The theme was polka dots so we had fun polka dot puff balls hanging from the ceiling:

The twin was ready to go!

The girls gave her an awesome gift full of babysitting coupons! So smart!

I promise, we weren't bored!

It was so nice to see a lot of the twin's friends at the party to sprinkle Sweet Pea with some love. We can't wait to meet her in person!


Courtney said...

I just recently heard of a sprinkle when one of my co-workers had one. I love the white pumpkins with polka dots and the onesie painting idea. Too cute!

The Newly Mrs. said...

Aw, I wish you had told me! I would have sent something up for Sweet Pea. I'll have to get a package ready for her and her new cousin. ;-)

Kathy said...

Great job!! Looks like a wonderful day!!

prashant said...

They all are too cute...

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