Thursday, December 17, 2009

{Arriving} on a Jet Plane

Thankfully, J came home tonight on a Jet Plane! Because he needed to be picked up from the airport right at Cutie Face's dinner time, we decided to make it into an excursion and eat at the airport.

Cutie Face loved people watching!

So much so that she didn't want to eat (bummer)...though I did try to sway her with a baked potato from Wendy's. Oh well!

Eventually, she revolted out of her highchair and made a move toward the atrium. {Check out her ADORABLE outfit that my sweet thoughtful college friend had special-ordered for her in honor of our love of monkeys and our blog Monkeys on the Bed!}

Why was the atrium so exciting? Because three airport workers were serenading us with Christmas carols and other Holiday songs. It was hilarious how much she loved it! Even after we finally spotted J coming through the airport, she was too mesmerized to leave and greet him!

We finally peeled her away and went home as our happy family of three!

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