Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sew busy!

I haven't been posting or taking many pictures this week because I've found a new obsession.

It is one that takes me away from the computer (unless I need instructional help!) but is still incredibly time consuming:


I LOVE IT! I'm having so much fun playing around with my machine and making things for Cutie Face.

Sadly, I've neglected my blogs (and my camera and twitter and facebook and really all social networking!). My current project is this Halter Dress that I'm making for Cutie Face and her cousin, Lil Miss.

{'s supposed to be a Christmas present (here is hoping it is done in time!)}

Thankfully, Cutie Face keeps herself occupied while I finished a few things today.

I LOVE that she is a reader!


Kathy said...

Those are SUCH great pictures!!

Jenilee said...

The dresses look amazing. :) I wish I could do that! and my girls are readers too. it is such a blessing! books can go anywhere. they are quiet and don't make a mess. perfect toys!