Thursday, December 10, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Today it was cold...for Atlanta. I know it was in the negatives throughout the Midwest (both J and my dad were visiting frozen tundras and were happy to get back to the "warmth").

But, still, 30s are cold for us down South and I felt like it was too cold to take Cutie Face outside in her stroller. I did not think, however, that it would be too cold for her to be outside if she was in the Moby.

We had a lot of errands to run this morning so the Moby it was. I'm happy to report that as soon as I donned the Moby Wrap, Cutie Face asekd to be placed inside. So cute! I loved having some extra body heat and getting to interact with her in a different way again. It was great!

I also thought it was hilarious that she kept these sunglasses on the whole time we were outside. I felt like it was so funny, in fact, that I kept taking pictures:

I even snapped a picture inside a bathroom stall at Publix. She was just too cute dressed up as a bear!

In fact, even the Photo Center worker at CVS agreed with her cuteness and asked if she could take a photo of us and print it out as a 4x6 Christmas card for us to take home. How sweet was that?!?! It is now proudly hanging on our fridge (but it has our names on it so i'm refraining from posting it!).

After our long errands out and about, Cutie Face had lunch and went down for her second nap of the day--this time a TWO hour nap. Wow! I think that cold weather helped her! Upon awakening, we headed to the playground.

We had to stop enroute so she could greet the singing quartet (polar bear is cut out!) below. They very much intrigued her but she definitely did not want to get too close (Nooo....noooooooo)

When we got to the playground, Cutie Face found a busted bike (no seat and half a handle bar). No matter, she loved playing on it.

I finally dragged her off of it and we did the normal playground routine--crawl through the tunnels, run across the bridge, and slide down the slides (we also swung for a bit but she seemed to get too cold with that!).

On our way home, Cutie Face was enthralled with this very long wall mosaic. She wanted to touch all the individual pottery pieces. They even had a (kind of strange) porcelain baby doll's head on the wall and she really wanted to pry it off and take it home. Thankfully, it is very strongly adhered to that wall!

Cutie Face wants to remind everyone to walk softly and carry a big stick:

The rest of the evening was spent getting dinner ready, eating it, talking with Little Miss, Sweet Pea, and the twin, and then picking up J from the airport.

Side note--we talked with the twin and her adorable daughters on Gmail's video chat.

I think Cutie Face thinks "Auntie" lives in the computer.

When we got back from the airport, Cutie Face kept trying to open the computer and repeated "Auntie" numerous times. poor kiddo-maybe tomorrow you can see the baby again (because, really, all she wanted to see was Sweet Pea!)!

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Natalie said...

So cute! I ended up buying a moby wrap and tried it right away with Tessa. I don't know how you do it girl! Tessa was sitting flat against by baby belly and I could not handle it. Can't wait to try the new babe in it though!