Thursday, December 10, 2009

Feeling Crafty!

This week I decided Cutie Face needed some every-day Christmas wear. She has beautiful dresses to wear that are very holidayesque but nothing casual to throw on with jeans.

Thanks to some help from the twin and my mom, I made two Christmas shirts for her on Monday night and then made her a red skirt (fashioned partially from this tutorial on Little Blue Boo!) complete with a green bow to tie it all together (get it? still loving those puns!)

Here are some pics of the fun creations:

in the works!

Reindeer (made with Cutie Face's hands and foot) & Christmas tree ribbon shirt

Sorry no before pictures of the skirt--i made it during her nap and didn't have time to waste on snapping pics!)

all done!


all together with the skirt, too!


Lesley said...

really really cute! Adorable....the reindeer is so my fave!

Kim said...

I LOVE all the updates! Spectacular job on all the adorable Christmas clothing! And I felt badly that you wouldn't take her in the stroller when it was in the 30's because I have with the twins! I bundle them, and then put them in the Bundle Me's, and then put the plastic rain cover over to protect from wind. But I bank on them having the thick New Enlgand blood - they should since they were born here, right? :)
Trying to help with a cute moniker that corresponds with CM...what about cuddly...something?

Mostly Mom said...

What a FANTASTIC idea! I may have to steal it if I have time....perhaps a New Years or Valentine's Day version may be more realistic!