Friday, December 11, 2009

Bread Head!

It comes as no surprise, given Cutie Face's genetic background, that she is a bread head. I mean, the twin and I practically subsisted on bread (in bagel form) and veggies when we were in high school. Laugh, you may, but ask our high school friends how weird we least we ate bagels!

Today I decided that I needed bread and therefore must make it NOW. So I dug up this old recipe I've had bookmarked since April. It is called "The MOST Amazing Bread Recipe" and it really does live up to its moniker...because it is SOOO easy and SOOO fast.

Seriously people, I started the bread at 10:30 AM and was eating it at 11:30 AM. Talk about impressive.

Cutie Face got in on the action and helped me make it...and you have to click on this first picture to see how INTO it she got...i mean, she was licking the tablespoon measurer, hugging the flax seed oil, and devouring the leftover dough on the mixer blade. Too much.

In fact, licking the dough off the mixer blade was not enough so she tried to eat the dough from the formed loaves. Finally I had to tell her that that the dough was "sleeping" and we covered it with a "blanket" (to let it rise--it wasn't all a rouse!) so that it could sleep for 25 minutes.

Hilariously enough, Cutie Face kept telling me throughout the day, "Dough. Dough. SleephEEN. Dough SleepEEN" and would then nod. I love it!!!

The bread was ready in time for us to have it for lunch...and by the time J got home, all the rolls were gone and a quarter of a loaf had been devoured. And I'm not just blaming Cutie Face for its absence...

To walk off our carbo-loading fest, Cutie Face and I bundled back up in the Moby and headed to the Post Office.

I was sad that we missed our long-standing Mommy-Daughter Friday morning date so we went to San Francisco Coffee Co. for a little treat after we were done in the Post Office. I got coffee, Cutie Face got a banana (and soy milk, and a coffee stirrer and a lid--pure entertainment for half an hour).

Tomorrow will be a busy day for us--We get to look at two rentals in our current neighborhood...and these are REAL houses! oh my! the luxury!

Then we are off to the 'burbs for a little time with my family before we abandon Cutie Face with Mimi, Poppy, and Little Miss (who is being abandoned by the twin and Mountain Man) for a night out of parties and festivities.

Happy Weekend!


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Mostly Mom said...

Ooh. WIll have to try it!!! Looks great and so easy! She is just adorable....such a beauty like her mama!