Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas extravaganzas!

Three Christmas parties were scheduled for the 12th...I opted out of one of them (sorority ornament exchange) for the sake of sanity but we still managed to have a jam-packed day and night!

In the morning we had a few appointments scheduled to look at houses for lease. We were looking in a great area next to the post office, restaurants and, importantly, a wonderful coffee shop!

of course, we had to stop by to get some coffee on our way to the appointments:While neither house worked out to be the rental property for us, we still managed to happen upon some good finds! In between house viewings, we went to an estate sale. Cutie Face fell in love with this retro-scooter so...we bought it. For $8, it was a steal, since it is selling on eBay for $250!

Once we were done with the house viewings, we packed up Cutie Face and headed to Mimi and Poppy's house.

We set her up to eat lunch and left her when she wasn't looking...

Once back in the city, we headed to the Virginia-Highlands Tour of Homes. We volunteered for this event last year but couldn't find the time to do that this year. It was still very much worth the admission price to see these seven gorgeous homes.

{Special note about the collage: J and I loved the "Chanukkah Wonderland" poster in a store window that we walked by and, of course, it wouldn't be a "date day" without an attempted self portrait}

I was exhausted after our morning trekking so we took naps in preparation for our Christmas parties that evening.

We went to J's company's Christmas party first and it was a lot of fun. It was held in Piedmont Park (where Cutie Face celebrated her birthday!) and was beautifully done. Dinner was elegant and delicious AND all locally-grown. Cool! {We did not, however, take any pictures, as we forgot! How did that happen?}

We left that party after a three-hour stint and headed to our friend's "White Bright" party. Everything is white from the food to the alcohol to the decor...and the attire!

As J and I came dressed for a black tie optional party we had to adlib our white I donned a hat but J changed in the car on the way over (!)

We loved visiting with everyone and mingling but J especially loved their recording studio--he strummed away on an electrical guitar with friends until 1 AM!

When he was {finally} finished playing, we headed upstairs to say goodbye but not before we took a few quick pictures in the "Photos with Santa" room.

What great mementos! The photos on the wall are from past parties--how cool is that?

We finally left at 1:15 AM (!) and made it safely home...good thing Cutie Face was staying at her grandparents' house!

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