Sunday, December 13, 2009

Slumber Party!

While we were partying, Cutie Face had a grand time playing dress up with Mimi, Poppy and the cousins.

Lil Miss and Sweet Pea's mom and dad also had a company Christmas party Saturday evening so they came over to the grandparents' house, too. It was one big slumber dress-up party.

Before the cousins came over, Cutie Face donned one of her matching dresses.

She is such a ham and loved smiling and posing for the camera

Lil Miss and Sweet Pea finally arrived and Cutie Face could not get enough of "Baby Sweet Pea". She wanted to hold her and, to her great joy, was allowed to do just that:

Not wanting to let Lil Miss feel left out, Cutie Face hugged on her, too.

They also reprised their piano duet and rocked it out:

Mimi decided it would be fun to do a photo shoot with all three girls for her Christmas cards. While the pictures didn't turn out so great, Cutie Face loved getting another opportunity to hold Sweet Pea!

While J and I went to our home church downtown, Cutie Face attended Mimi and Poppy's church. She LOVED the decorations!

Mimi and Poppy are in charge of the hospitality and welcome desk on the even-numbered months so Cutie Face got to help welcome everyone. She held up her end of the welcoming by visiting with three boys.

Yes! I'm serious! Check these pictures out!

meeting and greeting

playing coy
getting acquainted

Mimi said that the boys thought she "was such a cool baby". I think J better get his shotgun ready!

We picked Cutie Face up after lunch and spent a great Sunday afternoon reunited as a family of three.

Thanks Mimi and Poppy for watching our Cutie Face for 24-hours! We appreciate it!

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