Sunday, December 20, 2009

Weekend Recap

This weekend started off crazy-busy. Cutie Face joined me on a VERY rainy, cold morning to run tons of errands.

We rendezvoused with Poppy so that I could attend a consumer research panel (very interesting!), then I headed to our OB appointment. The doctor was a little concerned that my measurements had stayed the same for the last 4 weeks and then gotten SMALLER in the 6th week. Bizarre. So, for the second non-ultrasound appointment in a row, they gave me another ultrasound to check fluid levels and growth chart.

Baby girl #2 actually measured ahead of her head was measuring larger than her due date measurement. Fluid levels were also great. And, I know it will surprise everyone to know that her hands were STILL covering her face. She really does not want us to see what she will look like!

I was finally done with my appointments so I picked up Cutie Face at Mimi and Poppy's, had a quick lunch (she had her first Chinese--leftovers from PF Changs!), then headed to Tar-Jay for a few things.

Okay all that was boring, I know but I needed it for record keeping :)

On Saturday, we headed North to Chattanooga to see J's dad and stepmom.

We had a GREAT time.

Cutie Face loved:

exploring their neighborhood on a walk,

playing on a playground,

falling down a HUGE slide
(this is me dropping the camera and running to rescue her),

being consoled from the fall with a date bar cookie,

rocking out to Grandpa's (or as Cutie Face calls him "Papa's") Christmas music,

riding in a "car"t at the local supermarket,

drinking coffee,

opening an early Christmas present,

shopping at an eccentric store,

(with funny signs)
and visiting a fun bookstore.

Thanks for a great time, Papa and Jen-Gram!

We returned on Sunday and, sadly, J had to fly out 3 hours later! We'll see you in Florida, daddy!


Natalie said...

Glad to hear you are all doing well and that you had a very Merry Christmas filled with family and much love.

I just got caught up on a whole lot of posts on Cutie Faces blog! It will show in my feed a while before you post that there is a post that you must have scheduled or something because when I look nothing is there and today when I came to catch up I had about 5 posts to read! Score! LOL

Love your family Christmas picture and thanks so much for the card! Loving the new babe's name too! It was one on my list buy Liam didn't lie it that much.

Blessings friend, ttys

**Nicole** said...

Too cute :) Amber calls all her Grandpa's "Papa" too :D