Saturday, January 2, 2010

The long road home

Cutie Face had another sad sick night which left us with little sleep.

This lack of sleep is usually surmountable but not on a day when a 9+ hour car ride looms. Cutie Face, my mom (Mimi), and I, along with the two cats, Churchill and Margaret Thatcher (Maggie) were set to drive back home to Atlanta so that we could be back in time for our church duties the next day.

Regardless, we managed to get up and going by 5:30 AM. We made our first stop at Chick Fil A for some breakfast sustenance and Starbucks pick-me-ups.

Then we got stuck in our first of three traffic jams. They basically all looked like this so I'll spare you any more photos.

Churchill stood guard when the car rolled to a crawl....
...otherwise, he could be found sleeping on my mom's lap or on the center console:

Maggie decided to make Cutie Face's Year (keep in mind that it is only the 2nd day of the year) by sitting on her lap for part of the trip:

Side Note: Both cats are drawn like magnets to a certain throw blanket that my mom keeps at her house. We tell Cutie Face that it is the "kitty blanket" and that they will sit with her if she keeps it on her lap. Now, this is usually the case. Sadly, the cats are still not 100% comfortable with the kiddo so they avoid the blanket when it is on her lap. This is very sad because it means that Cutie Face will sit on the couch calling "Kit-TEE, Kit-TEE" over and over, very expectantly hoping and waiting for the cats to come sleep with her. Hopefully one day they will be comfortable enough to join her. It would make her life!

We did finally make it home--I decided to stop at our house, grab my car, and then follow my mom up to the suburbs. Because Cutie Face was still too sick to attend church the next day, my mom volunteered to watch her while I worked the nursery. So, technically, we still haven't been home yet but I am excited to be there soon!

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Becca said...

That's so sweet and sad about the kitties - what a little cutie you have! I can just picture her sitting there yelling for the kitties!