Sunday, January 3, 2010

More family time!

I think many people consider Sunday a family day. That couldn't be more true than this Sunday when we visited with more family members!

While I went downtown to help out in our church's nursery, Cutie Face devoured some cereal:

When she woke up from her morning nap, the twin and her family were there. Cutie Face was SO excited to see Lil Miss again. In fact, Lil Miss is the first person she asks for everytime she wakes up. It is so sweet. Poor Lil Miss, though, doesn't know how to handle Cutie Face's aggressive affection. Were working with Cutie Face on being gentle so hopefully the feelings will be reciprocated soon :)

Sweet Pea was still sick (poor thing!) so only the healthy adults could hold her. My mom didn't mind one bit and tried to make her smile and coo--she is a baby charmer because all of our kids have responded to her with smiles first!

Shortly after the twin arrived, my cousin who is a Ranger in the Army arrived with his wife. He just returned from Active Duty on the 12th after being gone for 3 months. We couldn't have been more thrilled and thankful to see him healthy and happy!

They had to leave early to make it back to the base but, not to worry, more family were on their way!

GiGi, Cutie Face's Great-Grandma and the maker of her indispensable security blanket, was in town for the New Year. She was staying with my uncle and aunt so they all came over for a light dinner. It was so wonderful to see her! And, she even came bearing gifts--a new blanket for Cutie Face's sister!

We spent a lot of time chatting and the night got away from me before I could take a picture! So I quickly whipped out my iPhone and took a few snaps of GiGi and Cutie Face by the tree. Certainly not the best pictures but I HAD to document the love!


Natalie said...

Beautiful moments captured for sure! Glad you are keeping busy. Not like you don't have enough on your plate right now. Thinking of you often and praying that everything is smooth sailing for you all through the new transitions in life! Blessings my friend, Take care!

Becca said...

I love the hug picture!! :-)