Wednesday, January 6, 2010

{temporary hiatus}

Hey Friends!

The Internet and blogging world is much too alluring for me while I attempt to pack up our apartment.


I'm turning off my computer until Friday.

I'll do a recap of this week (Mon-Fri) on the 8th but it won't be too exciting since we've spent most of our days unpacking from Florida just to repack the house! fun times.

I do, however, want to continue my Picture a Year blog so you might see a quick post on that blog tonight and tomorrow. Again, don't get too excited :)

Talk to you soon! T-minus-9 days before the big move then we'll be settling in and then I'll finally have time to catch up...i think ;-p


The Newly Mrs. said...

good luck with everything! hope cutie face is starting to feel better, too.
i'll be up next weekend - maybe we can finally see each other?!?!

The Deavours Family said...


Southern Belle said...

Hope everything goes smoothly with your move. We sure both picked great times in our pregnancies for this type of thing didn't we? God does have a sense of humor.

Sjn said...

So glad you're getting to settle in before Caroline comes. What a busy Momma you are!
Stop bye Kelly's baby shower this Saturday at St Ives, 2-5, if you're up this way. We'd all love to see you!

Courtney said...

Happy Packing!

Shannon (Coupon Mommy Of 2) said...

you do have a cutie face