Sunday, January 10, 2010

Week in Review! {Jan 4-10}


After a great respite at Mimi and Poppy's house it was time to head back home and face the reality that was packing the apartment. I left Cutie Face's potty chair at my parent's house but I knew Ikea sold an inexpensive version of her potty. Besides, I wanted to postpone the reality just a bit longer!

She wore a new skirt outfit from Etsy. I LOVE Etsy clothes!

The rest of Monday was spent getting organized in preparation for the move...and i didn't really feel like documenting that!


We postponed the moving/packing just a bit longer by heading to Target early in the morning for some plastic bins. Cutie Face stopped to check out the clothing.

The rest of the day was spent organizing her closet and drawers...and being bold enough to take a few belly pictures to document her sister. I promise that Cutie Face #2 will be featured prominently once she is born!

clearly...i need to clean my mirror...and snap pictures with my Lumix!


Okay we finally faced reality and started UNpacking from Florida

It was kind of a disaster

even Cutie Face wanted to hide from it (can you spot her in the mess?)


All of Atlanta prepared for a snow day today. This is what the sky looked like on Thursday evening...not snowy...regardless, schools were closed and pretty much everything shut down*. {*Despite the apparent lack of snow in this picture, it was a brilliant move to cancel schools and other activities--by early Friday morning there was SO much black ice on the roads that there was a 27-car pile up before rush hour even started!}

We packed and ran a few errands and then we took a quick but much needed break--to visit our church friends who just had an adorable daughter. Cutie Face wanted to take her home!

While we didn't come home with a baby today, we did manage to get a few shots of her on the top of the car. I finally broke out the Lumix and the quality of the photos is definitely apparent.


Cutie Face turned 17-months on Friday! Not too many great shots...though i was kicking myself the WHOLE time we were eating breakfast together--we went to the best deli that has the best ambiance that would have made for the best photos.

So here she is asleep...unfortunately, i stole her blanket and put it in the wash shortly after this photo was taken...upon which she immediately woke up and never went back to sleep. Bummer.

To celebrate her 17th month, she got to play with playdough. Fun times.

Then J came home--YAY! We hadn't seen him since 5 AM on January 2nd. It was a joyful reunion to say the least!


What a busy day! We started by visiting the house we'll be renting...starting on FRIDAY! We found a package and a few cards that had already come to us--how fun! Cutie Face loved popping the bubbles:

Then we headed to Whole Foods for some provisions in preparation of Uncle Noah's visit. Cutie Face ate so much cheese and bread that she didn't even need lunch!

We invited Mimi and Poppy down to see the new house. While we were there, we dropped off a newly purchased toddler bed for Cutie Face--so cute--we'll be taking pictures of everything once it is all set up so stay tuned!

Mimi and Poppy added more fun to the new house with some items for Cutie Face's future playroom. She was most excited about the Fancy Nancy books that Poppy read to her, though:

Noah then came in town but we failed to take any pictures with him...instead i took a picture of her trying to impress Uncle "NoNo" with her trifecta of talent--peeing, eating, and playing the piano with her feet:


J's dad and step-mom came into town to visit with Uncle Noah. They hadn't seen him in two years! After church, Cutie Face entertained us while we waited to be seated for brunch.

She is a TOTAL ham. We loved it.

While everyone else got caught up on life...

Cutie Face dug into her avocado.

On the way to brunch we noticed this awesome playhouse for FREE

So after we ate, we went back to claim it. The boys tried to break it down:

But in the end just loaded it on top of our car. We were VERY grateful that "Papa" had three bungee cords. It saved the day and kept the playhouse completely secure

Cutie Face loved the view from her car seat:

We went to Ikea in the evening and bought Cutie Face a duvet for her new bed. She headed off to dreamland after a story from Uncle Noah...

Stay tuned for next week's updates!


Becca said...

I love the update and all the pictures! :-) I'm totally jealous of the free playground thing!!

Jenilee said...

what a week! loving the free toy! how fun is that?

Southern Belle said...

Loved the week review in pictures and the cute belly pictures. Only 4 1/2 weeks to go...yes I am counting! My guess is you will have your baby first. How neat that you were able to find a free toddler playcenter. Cutie Face will love it!

Christine Pobke said...

What an awesome week!!! :) :) :) So cute! And your belly is adorable!!! :) xoxo

Kim said...

Yay for updates! Your new house looks adorable (from the few pictures you've posted). Good luck with the move, and feel free to pass along any tips for moving with little ones...I'm dreading ours (whenever it happens...).

mel @ the larson lingo said...

Love the week of pictures!
And, you are due in a few weeks?!?! You are TINY!!!! My girls are close in age also..19 months. It was hard a first, but I LOVE it!
And, score on the free playset. LOVED how you got it home. Classic!

Kathy said...

THe counters and cabinets in the house look really cool:)

You DID score on the play cube AND I love all your helpers! What a blessing family is!!

So excited about all the excitement in your life right now!! WOW!!