Sunday, January 17, 2010

Week in Review! {Jan 11-17}

Let me just start by saying YAY we have internet but OH MY how hard it is to remember things that happened 18 days ago. Thank goodness for pictures!


Cutie Face and I took Uncle NoNo to our favorite biscuit joint--The Flying Biscuit.

She would have eaten all of our biscuits had we let her but she was a good sport and ate all of her veggies first!

After a nourishing meal, we headed to Imagine It! Children's Museum. This visit was a first for all of us.

Let's just say that Cutie Face would have been perfectly content to play with the balls in the front for two hours had we let her.

but, we pulled her away and into the veggie garden where she made friends with a yellow carrot

Next up was a tractor trailer ride--I absolutely LOVE this exchange between Cutie Face and Uncle Noah.

Oh soooo precious!
We decided to be brave and let Cutie Face enjoy one of her favorite activities...


She loved it.

And she loved sharing this moment with her Uncle!

They are SO cute together! I love it!

Cutie Face also played in the big truck and drove Uncle Noah all around

and then she took him fishing...

She didn't catch anything, sadly, but she had fun

We rounded out our day with a quick visit to Centennial Olympic Park's playground

YAY for lots of playtime with Uncle Noah!


Today was the first day (and continues to be the only day) that Cutie Face NEVER ONCE used her diaper. She did all of her #1s and #2s in the potty! YAY Cutie Face!}


Uncle Noah left not before we had fun first!

Cutie Face was more than happy to help Uncle Noah eat his Red Berry cereal

Poor kiddo, this packing mess is what she had to eat next to:

She enjoyed a second-to-last read along with Uncle Noah

Then she had a grand time playing in the green plastic tubs we used for packing

Uncle Noah swung her around and around and she could not stop giggling

She also couldn't get enough of Uncle Noah's reading
so she brought him another book

She contemplated asking him for more but we decided to go to lunch instead!

We took Uncle Noah to the (in)famous Atlanta Landmark, the VARSITY.

We all wore our hats

shared our fries

and our "dogs"

Cutie Face was VERY intrigued by the cute group of "big girls" that walked through the restaurant. So much so that she tried to go up and introduce herself to them.


The youngest girl kept backing away from her and wanted nothing to do with her but that didn't keep Cutie Face from smiling and trying to be her social-butterfly self.

To cap off the Varsity tour, we had an "F.O." or the Frosted Orange

Once she got over the initial coldness of it, Cutie Face wanted ALL of it.

Sadly, it was time for her to take a much-needed nap and time to take Noah to the airport so that concludes our Tuesday!

(still with me? five days to go!)

With two days before the big move, Cutie Face and I had LOTS of packing to do! But she was SO cute that I couldn't help but take a few pictures of her...

She really wanted my camera (LOVES it) so I swapped her the cybershot for the iPhone.

and then I swapped the cybershot for the toy play camera she received from one of J's friends...

We finally got ready to go to the park (why not delay the reality of packing and moving for one more day?). She checked herself out in the mirror for a long time once she donned her hat (we call it "pompom ears") and glasses.

Finally, we were out the door and ready to play at the playground one last time before we moved (sniff sniff...i loved this playground!)

Cutie Face wanted to make a lasting impression on the playground. Let's just say it left a nice (?) taste in her mouth.

Cutie Face had so much fun playing for the hour and a half that we were there that she conked out on the way home:

Sadly, that was the only time she slept all day.

Upon awaking, she tried to help me pack

but wanted to play "Blanket Head" instead

Where did Cutie Face go?

Oh hey! Thanks for emailing everyone for me, too.

Packing can wait, i guess...


Thursday started bright and early for me with my women's Bible Study.

Once I got home, Cutie Face and I packed packed packed!

She hung out and watched the fan "go 'round"

looked super cute while drinking water (this was seriously like the third outfit change of the day)

and tried to help me drag Uncle Noah's bedding to its proper bin

She was nothing if not determined

Finally, she took a nap and I got quite a bit done

however! Mimi and Poppy came down and rescued J and I from the distraction that Cutie Face can be...they took her home for two nights--Thursday and Friday--so that we could get all the packing done. THANK YOU Mimi and Poppy!

We also had a lot of help from our community group on Thursday--the manly men donated their cars, space, strength, and brawn and moved all of the boxes we had packed to our new house. THANK YOU men!


Today was the BIG move

I woke up without a Cutie Face and was soooo busy that I didn't even miss her.

How sad is that?

Yes, i am a bad mommy.

Anyway, whatever was left in the apartment was packed and ready by the time J came home.

We waited for the movers to come (they were late) but they came and started schlepping the big stuff. Here is almost all of it on the truck.

The biggest issue they had was J's armoire.

It was a little scary to watch them move it and I swear that this piece of furniture took them an hour to get out of our apartment and onto the truck.

Finally we were off to the new house. The movers were so slow that they called in five backups (!) to help get everything into our house.

An hour and a half later, all was in but that meant it was time for J and I to go back to the condo to finish packing everything else the movers couldn't get to (!) and to clean clean clean. We eventually stumbled back home around 11 PM and went straight to bed.

What an exhausting but exciting day! We have a new place to live!


J and I spent a couple of hours trying to get a few things settled before Mimi and Poppy arrived with Cutie Face, tools, accessories, and lots of energy to help us unpack.

She was a bit sleepy when she arrived but she was wearing her pearls!

While we all got to work, Cutie Face got to work on lunch
(with the help of Poppy's Buzz hat!)

J and Poppy were master picture hangers...once J bought a new power drill!

We took a break half way through to play with her (and Poppy's iPhone apps)

By the time Mimi and Poppy left, practically the whole lower floor was done (YAY!) and this is what our living room looked like (don't mind the big picture over the fireplace...placed there as a joke until we find something else more suitable!)

THANK YOU Mimi & Poppy!!!


Cutie Face woke up in her new house and I didn't have any breakfast for her! That's okay, though, because I was planning on taking her on our "date day" that we usually do on Friday mornings.

I thought that we would be able to buy a bagel but they did not have any--not to fear, Cutie Face was very enamored by the look of the almond croissant (go figure) so that's what we bought...

She absolutely loved the almond filling

On our walk back home, we stopped at the fountain. She loves "watey"
After church, Cutie Face wanted J to sit with her on the fireplace stoop (?)
I thought it was a cute photo-op

Then, after her nap, we took a family walk.

She explored our new yard and was very curious about the gate and fence

We finally convinced her to come outside the gate

and away we went on our walk

Cutie Face's antics during dinner were hilarious again

I love this kid

all the way down to her toes...

Yay for a end-of-the-week self-portrait!

Phew! You made it through our week! Thanks for reading!


M.A. said...

Loved the updates! I'm impressed you were able to give such a detailed post. Congrats on the new place! And, WE LOVE the Flying Biscuit too, there's one in Charlotte that we always go to :)

Becca said...

Oh my gosh she is so so cute! :-) I love that pretty yellow and blue skirt she is wearing. And Jay loves Imagine It -- and I love Flying Biscuit :-) fun stuff! I cant wait to hang out - your new place looks great!!

Natalie said...

Looks like you are making awesome progress! Yay for helping hands. What a fun week. So glad you go to spend some time with your brother too! Glad you are back in the blog world for a little bit. I sure have missed you and that little cutie face!

Kim said...

Looks like a great week, and your house looks like it is amazing! I look forward to more posts & pictures of Cutie Face exploring her new home & neighborhood!

The Monkeys' Mama said...

OK so much to comment on but where to start? All I have to say is that C has totally brightened my day with her big smiles. Also I LOVE her orange and white dress :) I hope you guys will be accepting visitors soon after C2 arrives...b/c I know a little boy that would LOVE to see them!!!

Pruiksma's Progress said...

Yay!! What fun to read your updates! I don't know how you do it ~ keeping us readers informed!! You are inspiring! Praying for you as you get settled into your new home and anticipate cutie face number 2!
Grace to you!

Kelly said...

Welcome back! I am exhausted just reading how busy you have been--and SUPER impressed that you have already hung pictures. The living room looks great : ) Hope you guys are all settled in and that you are getting some good REST before the big BIRTHday : )

The Newly Mrs. said...

glad to hear everything went well with the move! and glad to finally see your beautiful face in a pic. :-)
that orange and white dress is a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e. love it!