Sunday, January 24, 2010

Week in Review! {Jan 18-24}


On Monday we welcomed our first official visitors to the house--the twin, Lil Miss and Sweet Pea came down to play with Cutie Face!

J decided it would be a fun trick to put Sweet Pea in the DOLL stroller and have Lil Miss push her. Okay, Lil Miss did NOT push her but she did man the stroller while I snapped a quick picture. Kind of funny...right twin? (don't be mad)

We then walked over to our local park--
less than a tenth of a mile away it is sooo nice to have that close!

We showed Lil' Miss our resident Goose

and did some tandem cousin swinging

then we walked home. It was slow going so i decided to help speed things up
as the twin said, I was carrying 3 children:

Lunch + Baby Signing Time = Yummy Fun
sharing that with her cousin = priceless

after a failed naptime, we let the kiddos run wild outside

they loved playing with our balls

Cutie Face really wanted Lil' Miss to drink water

Lil' Miss just wanted to play with the ladybug ball

If Cutie Face volunteered at a road race, she'd ROCK the water station:

the cutie cousins rounded out the day with playtime in the castle

We were SO thankful for their visit!


On Tuesday we had a suburban playdate...and an urban one, too!

We started out with a Kappa Kappa Gamma Mommy & Me date the indoor mall playground

Cutie Face was shocked to see a girl fall off one of the playscapes:
We finished our Mommy & Me time with storytime at Pottery Barn Kids
this was how long her attention span was...ZERO

Oh well.

After the story, Cutie Face was thrilled to find that there was a train that choochoo'd through the mall

It was quite exciting.

Then we headed over to Mimi & Poppy's to have lunch with Lil Miss
Lil' Miss' pigtails are sooo stinkin' cute!

Once we got home, we ran around a bit outside
While playing, we met two of our neighbors! I love where we live!

In the mail was a special letter to Cutie Face from Grandma...

We got a little messy during snack so we did a quick change before heading out for our second unofficial playdate--it wasn't actually a playdate as much as it was a GREAT way to meet tons of new kids and moms at the local playground!

(this picture, by the way, doesn't represent the playground but does illustrate how Cutie Face often likes to just plonk down in the grass and play...and how she can just be this plonking down was more or less an outright refusal to continue on the way home)


We started the week off with a 36.5 week OB appointment...
(pretending to be a baby)

always made better by a trip to the bagel place + Starbucks

When we got home we took a nap together...Cutie Face conked out:

then woke up and headed out to another playground a block away!

It's designed for older kids but Cutie Face enjoyed it!

Or at least i think she did...

She was quite enthralled by the acorns

Since the playground was a bit harder for her to play on then our other local park, we decided to head back to the smaller-kid-friendlier park.

There was a drummer there when we arrived...and he was a very interesting new aspect of the park that Cutie Face most definitely wanted to explore:

So we did get a little closer to check him out!

and then it was back to the park


We experienced quite a bit of rain today so we were thrilled to get out of the house in between rain storms and visit the open space near the pond/fountain

please note her relatively clean clothes and shoes

and how quickly they became muddy

...needles to say she had a blast slipping and sliding on the grass

She took a quick reprieve to wipe her hands on her blanket (yuck!)
and then it was off to the stairs

She loved climbing up and down the steps!

After diner we headed to our Community Group where Cutie Face very much enjoyed playing in her friend N's bus tent.

and J enjoyed playing Scrabble with the masters. Good times


Aww Cutie Face we love your cute face...
even smeared with Sunflower Butter!

We went shopping...I wanted to go to the Old Navy 50% off Clearance Sale
Cutie Face just wanted to explore the yard and touch the water

Once we finally got to Old Navy, Cutie Face enjoyed playing Rockband

but really loved their puppy

I mean, she REALLY liked it

She could have spent all day with him!

The rest of the day was pretty lackluster but around 10:30 PM, Cutie Face woke up screaming hysterically. Nothing like a little bonding session with Daddy


Raining! Cleaning! Enough Said!


Super laid back Sunday made perfect with a visit from Mimi & Poppy

and some ginger cookies, too, of course!

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