Friday, February 5, 2010

Flashing back, flashing forward

Cutie Face enjoyed her morning by flashing back at old photos of herself

Then she flashed forward to what life will be like with a little sister
(I'm hoping that one day I can get her to feed C#2 once a we practice :-p)

We flashed back by reading through a book I made her,

illustrating Cutie Face's first 16-months of life!

Then we flashed forward again...
to what life would be like if she landed a desk job

She would definitely enjoy a cuppa joe every morning!

{eagle-eye view}

After a morning nap, Cutie Face and I ate lunch and got ready to go to two appointments:

First up was another open house at a Preschool.

Wow. School.

Talk about flash forwarding to her being a little school girl! It is so incredible how quickly her life is passing before my eyes.

We LOVED the school--its philosophy is impressive and I liked it so much more than the school we looked at last week. we just have to get in...

After that, we sloshed through the rain and on up to the pseudo-burbs for what I hope will be my final OB appointment. Cutie Face refused a nap in the car (i thought it would be a sure-thing. Proves me wrong every time!).

We flashed forward again as we were able to see glimpses of Cutie Face #2 (sorry--i still haven't decided on a moniker for her!) in an ultrasound. I'm measuring small, hence the extra ultrasound. Turns out C#2 is very low in the pelvic region. She still measures perfectly on track!

Cutie Face was excellent at the OB's office and had a ball playing with the ladies in the office. She shared her blanket and her baby and chased them all over the office (we were the last patients of the day!). I love that she is so social!

She finally fell asleep right before we arrived home. J came home just in time to use his special carseat-to-crib sleeping transfer method. I stink at getting her to stay asleep from car to crib but J rocks it.

At the end of the evening, we flashed back to what a sweet little cuddle-bug Cutie Face used to be (not that she isn't so much anymore but she is way more active than before and these quiet moments with her are less frequent).

She even wanted to swing!

Well, that was our Flashy Friday in a nutshell...but before i go, I just have to let you know that my fabulous twin made Cutie Face the outfit that she wore today. No great pictures from the front but how cute is this skirt, even from the back? Thanks twin!


Melissa G. said...

She' growing up!
It's hard to believe our little ones are ready for school isn't it!
Elijah has started going to preschool and he just loves it!

Kathy said...

She is sooo cute!!

Love the little table, LOVE the skirt, and crayon roll up. I am so impressed that you made the photo book. What a neat thing for her to have NOW. My children may have theirs for their 18th birthday:) or maybe when their first children are born?

Sorry about the nap. Those "for sure" things hardly ever turn out to be:)

Your little girl is growing up. Just wait to see how HUGE she looks when she becomes a big sister. It's amazing:)

Kirsten said...

I can't wait to hear the updates on the little one!

Becca said...

oh my gosh she is so so cute! :-) and will you send a message with what school you visited and loved?!