Thursday, February 4, 2010

Public Pottying

So i mentioned yesterday that Cutie Face has really taken to going potty. I'm sorry as I know this is way too much information for some of y'all but hey! it's our baby journal for Cutie Face so we have to document it somehow!


today I had to run a few errands so, of course, Cutie Face accompanied me on our journey. Not even two minutes into our first trip, she declared she needed to go "POTTY!!!!" and she kept declaring it for the next five minutes.

Thankfully, I am known for having a notoriously small bladder. I am thankful for this feature because it means I pretty much know where every public restroom is in our neighborhood. This comes in handy when you have a toddler that doesn't quite know how to hold her potty in yet.

Since Cutie Face's pleas were becoming desperate, I decided to immediately turn into the CVS and make a beeline for the restroom. Seconds later, she was doing her business. YAY Cutie Face!

Then we continued on our errand run. We were in the checkout line at TJ's when the desperate plea sounded again "POTTY!"

I told Cutie Face she needed to wait as the special bathroom with the kid potty was being used. She patiently waited in her cart (okay, i bribed her with some snappea crisps but whatever works!) until it opened and then, voila! Onto the kid potty she went (still eating her snappea crisps)

She thought about it

Thought some more

Then made her "#2 face" (am i an evil mom for posting this?)

And was rewarded with a handwash
(seriously--washing her hands is a highlight in her day!)

She LOVED making bubbles with the soap but, even more so, loved that she could wash her hands all by herself with the help of a step stool (note to self--buy one of these at Ikea!)

See how thrilled this makes her?
Ahh, the simple pleasures an {almost} 18-month old can find in life


tonight J and I were treated to free babysitting thanks to Mimi and Poppy! They came down to eat and play with Cutie Face and we are very thankful to get in what may be our last date night before we become a family of four!

Cutie Face, by the way, thinks that stickers go on noses :-o

Speaking of Cutie Face #2, I am officially more pregnant than i've ever been in my life. We're waiting for Cutie Face #2's arrival and are ready for her to come NOW but I'm beginning to think that God is going to answer my original prayer that C#2 be born on February 12 (that seemed like a good prayer when i was 4-weeks, though? What was i thinking?!?!)

God speed little one is all I say now!

Oh! and HUGE thanks to Poppy for getting our Wireless connection officially installed, too! I'm no longer tied to a cord that barely reached the couch! yay for freedom!

High-Five to that!

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