Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pump YOU up!

Hello. My name is Cutie Face

I LOVE Balls

What's this? My ball is deflated?

Frankly, i'm SHOCKED.

What to do?


First, find the hole...

Get your pump ready...

Line it up...

Lookout! you don't want to puncture the ball!

Make sure you get really close to see what you're doing

Pump until its Plump

Check the pressure...

Yay! All done!

Now go play!

By the is now the SECOND day that Cutie Face did not use a diaper nor have any accidents (we're diaper free around the house for the most part!). WOOHOO!!! And she sleeps in a Big Girl bed almost exclusively.


She's so old :(


The Monkeys' Mama said...

OMG...I cannot believe she is almost diaper free!!! A has gone #2 twice in his potty and tonight he crawled over to the "big boy pottie" proceeded to stand up in front of it and just was hilarious! The best part? Hubs got is ALL on video!!! hahaha

Becca said...

oh my word! What a fantastic job you did potty training her? How did you do it? . . . ps - I LOVE her outfit . . . she could not be cuter!