Wednesday, February 3, 2010

How to make a Cutie Face laugh

I am going to just start posting from today and go backward. Hope I don't confuse y'all too much!

Be prepared for at least three updates (and sorry to all my email subscribers...that could get annoying...)

As you can probably tell by the copious pics on this blog, I take thousands of pictures of Cutie Face. I mean seriously, i snap at least 100 a day (but then I delete all but 10).

Unfortunately, though, I've realized that they don't capture how hilarious she is...especially because of all the facial expressions she makes. She is SO expressive.

I finally captured a 6-second video of one of her expressions. Hopefully I'll get more video footage of her crazy antics and incorporate them into blog posts...but for now, here is what i have:

and, as a side note, this video made Cutie Face literally SQUEAL with laughter every time she saw it (and that would be "a-GIN, a-GIN" and "a-GIN"). I hope I can take a video of her watching herself because that is even funnier than this video (which, now that i've watched it, is probably only funny to her parents...hope I'm not boring you :)