Monday, February 8, 2010

Still a family of 3...

***warning: 7 blog updates prepared for a Cutie Face Cakes overload***

for one more night!

My parents very graciously offered to keep Cutie Face one more night so that we could adjust to having a newborn in our household once again. I had been praying for a smooth transition from hospital to home and it appears that my prayer was answered without me ever having to ask anyone.

THANK YOU God for hearing me and to my parents for being so generous with their time! We are very grateful!

We checked out of the hospital around 12:45. Cutie Cakes is doing really well--the doctor and nurses are impressed with her color and levels given that she is exclusively breastfed...which is ironic because 36 hours ago they were super concerned about her bilirubin levels. Praise God for another answer to prayer!

We waited and waited to be cleared to leave so i thought i might as well take a few parting shots of Cutie Cakes in her hospital bassinet.

Finally, we were good to go!
trying out the carseat for the first time...we failed to put the kiddopotamus head cradler in there...don't worry, it's in there now.

First trip in the car!


we were greeted by this adorable sign in our yard!

and of course, the cute baby balloon!

Never one to waste time, I immediately put Cutie Cakes in a new present
An adorable bib and burp cloth set made by the twin.

J had to head to work for a few hours but my sweet friend from church stopped by with lunch/dinner--homemade soup from the Barefoot Contessa cookbook. SOOO good.

Of course, she also came to visit Cutie Cakes...and to claim the "First Visitor" award :) Thanks, K!

All that visiting was exhausting so Cutie Cakes went to sleep in her bassinet for the first time.

Despite having a great soup dinner at home, J and I decided to have a date night, just the three of us. We took Cutie Cakes out to Agave--J won a gift card to Agave from the race we ran in early November.

Yes, people think we're crazy for taking a 2.5-day old out to a public place.

Not to worry, we only took Cutie Cakes out of the sling for a quick photo.

and then we called it a night!

Cutie Face returns home tomorrow (yay)


J leaves (for training in NJ) tomorrow (boo)


Big changes are ahead! (yay)


Melissa G. said...

What!? You were up to going out 2.5 days after giving birth? How did you do that? =) Superwoman you!

Natalie said...

You are super Momma for sure! I cannot believe I didn't notice all these updates! LOL I did see a few that aren't here where you did a week in review. Are they hiding somewhere too? Anyhow I feel beter now! And so you know, the transition from one to two kiddos was much harder than 2 - 3. The third is a piece of cake and hopefully the forth is the same!