Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Two under Two

We now have 2 under 2 and both are under our roof for good!

BUT before Cutie Face arrived home, Cutie Cakes and I had lots of fun running around to do. I couldn't wait to get out--being in the hospital was a nice break but also frustrating for me--i love getting OUT :)

We started the day by taking J to the airport.

After a quick nap at home, we headed back out.

First up: Trader Joe's
We wanted a fully-stocked house for when Mimi and Poppy arrived.

Cutie Cakes was a peach and slept through it all.

Then it was to the bank for a quick stop...we don't have checks (talk to J about that) so I had to get a cashier's check for Cutie Face's preschool registration deposit. Good times.

Again, cutie cakes slept through it all.

By the time we were done at the bank, it had started to rain (boo). We quickly ran into the preschool but managed to take a pic before getting out of there. Yup, still sleeping!

Then it was a looooooong line at the Post Office.


my friends keep having babies so they need gifts!

Finally we were done and we contemplated heading back out into what had now turned into a lovely deluge.

Cutie Cakes was a peach and seriously slept through it all without making a peep.

She was rewarded for her sweetness with Sophie the Giraffe

it wasn't that sweet of a reward though...poor kiddo!

So it was back to the bassinet for Cutie Cakes...

and before we knew it, Cutie FACE was here to see her!

She was thrilled to see a REAL baby in the bassinet as she was used to just seeing her baby dolls in there!

Cutie Face was only concerned about Cutie Cakes when CC was eating (ie nursing). She kept repeating "no no NO" and making the sign for "No", too. {Thankfully, she is now used to it!} CF wanted to be right next to CC (ie smoothering her) wherever we went.

Kind of cute but definitely something to watch for--she loves CC so much!

Mimi and Poppy stayed the night with me (actually, they stayed Tuesday AND Wednesday night and most of Thursday. THANK YOU!) so they were able to score some late night bonding time with Cutie Cakes.

Here's to life with Cutie Cakes!


Becca said...

she is just so beautiful! I love the pictures of her in that cute hat with the flower! :-)

Melissa G. said...

I agree with Becca, she is just SO beautiful!

Isn't it awesome to see your two precious little ones together? I love it!

Kelly said...

awww, so adorable! Cutie Face looks like she loves being a big sister!