Sunday, April 11, 2010

Catching up with Cousins

Today we headed up to the 'burbs to see the fam--we hadn't seen them for more than 2 weeks and it was time to catch up with each other!

Sweet Pea is the smiliest member of our family

the rare moment when she is NOT smiling...but still adorable!

the older cousins had fun seeing each other again

Heart....MELTING. seriously

Cutie Face loves things that go...the "beep beep" is a huge hit with her!

of course, cousins have to share!

Speaking of sharing, Cutie Cakes shared some love (& some drool)
Just goes to show they aren't always cute!

at least their feet are cute!

Exhibit A where i finally think that my two cuties look similar...
now if only i could find the picture to prove it!

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