Monday, April 12, 2010

Outside outside

Any fan of Baby Signing Time knows the DVDs songs by heart. We frequently sing the songs while we're running in the jogger...especially the song "Outside, outside" (because, you know, we're...outside).

The song says ,"Outside, outside, i love going outside". Truer words have never been spoken sung.

When we returned from Michigan (more on that later) we were welcomed back by a GORGEOUS Spring in Atlanta. Leaves and flowers and sunny days were in their full glory and we've been capitalizing on these wonderful days by spending the majority of our wake-time outside.

Today (Monday) was no exception.

i may be super independent but i'm also super cute

We started by a run to the doctor's office for Cutie Cakes' 2-month appt. Turns out that the appointment is actually Tuesday.


typing an "email" to Mimi on the "pute-erh"

But we still made the most of it and hung out at two parks we pass en route (actually, we pass 3 but 2 was enough!)

Cutie Face is loving being independent (her mama, on the other hand, is finding it...trying. Yes, Mom, I know--a little bit of my own medicine is coming right back at me).

no, mom, i DO NOT need your help

oh yes, i look super stylish in my mom's old duds
(YES! the twin and i used to wear this shirt! Vintage IZOD at its best)

The only thing she is dependent on, though is her prized yellow blanket (Thanks Grandma/GiGi!). It even accompanied her in the swing today.

After lunch and naps, we ran around our yard and then played in the kiddie pool we bought last year. Let me tell you, April hose water is FRIGID. Soooo cold. But Cutie Face and I enjoyed splashing

We capped it all off with a cleansing of the playground we picked up on the side of the road. No pictures from that since our hands were dirty and wet (and the camera should not be near either of those!) I'm sure we'll have plenty of opportunities for pictures soon, though, since we clearly love "going Outside".

Oh yeah..and Cutie Cakes does exist, i promise...
here's our proof for today:


Natalie said...

Yay to going outside! Yay to blogging again! Yay to that super awesome shot of cutie face's bum and feet under the swing! You Rock My World Girl!

Kim said...

So excited that you're back! So bummed that we didn't get to hang out with you when you were here:( You're girls are adorable, and it was fun to see them in real life...even if it was only a short time.