Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pea Pee?



yup. enough said :-p


Natalie said...

Love it! LOL
While in Rona last weekend with the whole family, Abigail said she needed to use the washroom really bad and when I glanced at her she was lifting the lid to a display tiolet in the middle isle of the store. I calmly told her that was not for her to use to come with Mommy to the bathroom and when I glanced up there was a gentleman chuckling to himself and smiling at me. I bet we sure brightened his day!

Southern Belle said...

Lol. How long has Cutie Face been in the process of potty training?


Christine Pobke said...

awww sooo cute. :) :) :)

**Nicole** said...

Ah yes, we're heading down that road right now ourselves. Isn't going so great as of right now though...hopefully/maybe soon I can also have a Pea Pee post, haha!