Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dots & Stripes

Cutie Cakes checked in at 11lbs and 22 inches (though i swear she feels lighter & longer) at her 2-month checkup. That means she is finally getting closer to fitting into those 0-3 month clothing that never fits. 

In our family, the 0-3 month clothing doesn't fit until the kiddo is 3-months. And then, {BAM!} the next thing you know, it doesn't fit again (this time for the opposite reason) and we're smack in the middle of the 3-6 month clothing.

Happily, Cutie Cakes can finally sport her Little Miss Mismatched Dots & Stripes outfit before it gets too warm to be sensibly found in it. Thanks, Twin, for the sweet and oh-so-cute gift! We love it!


Natalie said...

So cute! I wish I had my own outfit like that!

Who did the new header? I need something sweet and original like that for myself!

Kathy said...

One of the fun thigns about a second baby is figuring out the "we" stuff for your family. Like missing the 3 month clothing stuff. SUCH GOOD TIMES!!

Your blog header is GEORGOUS!! I could have (and would have) spent many many more hours and not gotten soemthign that great!