Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thankful for Thursday

sorry to just jump into the middle of the week without catching up from...oh TWO MONTHS...of unposted happenings. But...we'll get there, someday, if only for posterity sake

Back in my Monkeys on the Bed days, I wrote a weekly Thankful Thursday post. Every day I find something where I think, "now this would definitely make the Thankful Thursday list". 

Today everything would have made the list.

early this morning we headed to the zoo with cousins x two

the girlies gear up for the zoo!

Sweet Pea and Cutie Cakes rode in our carriers

BUT they were happy to be together, too, once we finally let them out!
The first stop was the Panda exhibit!
In honor of the panda, Cutie Cakes wore her Panda dress from Aunty Hunny
The twin schlepped the girls all over the zoo
We had the extreme pleasure of being at the zoo with my pseudo-sister-in-law (she's my twin's sister-in-law but we know her from college so we love her like an aunty :)
Mr. S was loving his apple
and Little Miss was forced to love the broccoli

in true kid conduct, the kiddos were more fascinated by the termites on the tree
than by other animal attractions!
The zoo playground was also a huge highlight!
After the zoo, we had some good naps by both girls and then we headed to Starbucks. On the way over there we ran into a group of people that were headed to the Caterpillar Ball, a precursor to the Inman Park Festival.

After our Starbucks run, we decided, "ehh why not head over there?" Well we're glad we did--the time flew by we were having so much fun and we ended up staying until it ended!

popcorn ... yumm
can't get enough!
many patient kiddos waited in a long line to get their face painted
We tried to figure out if Cutie Face could be that patient

But decided she was just a bit too young for it

Maybe next year her face will be this cute!

So fun!

To end the day, Cutie Face and J took a ride home on the tractor (he literally let them out right in front of our street!). SO FUN for sure!

Oh and PS
Cutie Cakes WAS in attendance at the fesitval, too:

OH MY something clearly went wrong in the HTML captions thing...sorry for this disjointed post. Hopefully i can clear it up soon!

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